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Last updated: February 4th, 2017

Seek is a game about the exploration of a spirit-like world in which a child helps their grandmother with the household chores. Played with simple navigation controls, the linear game explores a stylistic interpretation of the Northwest Coast, aiming to educate and illuminate the young and young-at-heart.

A project with the goal of outlining the folklore of the Haida and Tlingit tribes of the Northwest Coast, this “edu-casual” game explores the family dynamic of a single group of spirits. As the day progresses, help the main character navigate their home and settlement while interacting with familiar and foreign faces.

With an easy-to-learn control system and a linear storyline, this game is ideal for young learners to explore a relaxing environment while absorbing information about the tribes and legends of the Northwest Coast.


  • Exploration / casual / educational
  • Simple navigation mechanics
  • Linear storyline, unlockables, simple quests
  • Ideal for all ages, suitable for new learners
  • Detailed landscapes and intricate characters
  • Sourced references to First Nations legends

…and as always, a little bit more!

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As the narrative progresses through three times of day, the player unlocks stories that reveal the nature and intentions of the animal-like spirits present in the game.  Explore the concepts of work, family, and even death, or just chill out to the sounds of the river and the non-diegetic music.

For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Specific hardware details to follow shortly.