Dev Update: First Week of January

2017 is under way, and we’re not wasting any time getting right into a new game. Instead of going the visual novel route, we’ve decided to try out 2D navigation and interaction.

Since exploration is the focus of many 2D adventures, the game will be, for the most part, a scavenger hunt.

This is a big step for us, since Dating Sims didn’t actually have many game-play elements, and we’re excited to make something like this from scratch. Sure, it’d be easy to use an open source program to churn this out in a couple days, but we’re really trying to build the foundation of the second version of Genesis with this game.

One of the main things we’re going to test out with this game is the Steam greenlight system, so we’ll document that process in our updates. Itch worked out great for the free visual novel, but the only reason we didn’t try Steam in the first place is because Dating Sims was made using borrowed assets. Neither of us have any experience using Steam as a developer, so we’re interested to see how easy it is to use. We’re kind of worried about the initial entry fee… It’s totally understandable that there is one, but it’s pretty steep for a couple of students. Hopefully we make part of it back by selling a few games!

We’ll update the site periodically with new design and programming elements of the game, as well as thoughts on the game-making process as a whole. Right now, we have a basic map and series of backgrounds fastened together, and the bones of left/right navigation have been dusted out of Genesis V1. Next week we’ll be trying out animation, more complicated image rendering, and area transitions.