Dating Sims: TVN – Pub Quiz Answers


All of the correct answers end in a question mark.

The Answers

This post is made to test out some website features, so I’m going to use a bit of formatting. The questions in the library arc of Dating Sims: The Visual Novel don’t really have any rhyme or reason to them. Some of them are just bad variations of names in pop culture, while others are light and playful jabs at some of the features and complaints with which The Sims 4 community would be familiar.

A lot of the questions that the player is asked come from TS4’s Movie Hangout Stuff Pack, where the titles of “Lost Dog’s Journey Home,” “Roaring Vice,” and “Adventures of the Starship Simulation” originate. You could probably find the answers on Maxis’s page.

The Non-Test Answers

These are the answers that aren’t on Paula’s test in the middle of the story. The first question is a variation on “Who is the youngest member of One Direction?” And the other two are in movies from the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack.

  • Who’s the youngest member of Four Direction?
    • Hairy Smiles
  • In the hit movie Roaring Vice, a budding romance is cut short by an outstanding arrest warrant, but what town serves as the setting of this art deco period fiction?
    • Roaring Heights
  • Which bestselling movie contains cats, dogs, weather, and everything else that our overlords refuse to put in an expansion pack?
    • Lost Dog’s Journey Home

The Test Answers

When Paula gives you a test in the middle of the library arc, the points don’t actually affect the story (from what I remember), you just get different dialogue if you score less than three points. You’ll always score higher than Trevor because he scored in the negatives. Most of these answers are just bad wordplay.

  • This superhero film is about a nefarious supervillain increasing the earth’s gravitational pull, causing meteor showers to plague every corner of the earth.
    • Superkids: Cortex Catastophe
  • Which Simadian singer/songwriter collaborated with dj’s in order to remake his boy-band image, leading to hit songs such as ‘Sul-Sul’ and ‘Woohoo?’
    • Trustin Boober
  • ¬†Who was the original author of the fantasy series ‘A Game of Groans?’
    • Greg Q.Q. Vartin
  • On to the next question: In what city did the last summer sportslympics take place?
    • Rio de Isla Paradiso
  • What movie-inspired science fiction drama TV series features creatures like the Star Heads of Planet 5, and the Frog Men?
    • Adventures of the Starship Simulation

I think that’s it for the test answers. I’m not going to put up the other answers to anything else since it’s easy enough to know which ending you’re going to get. I just alluded to these specific answers being somewhere on the internet, so I didn’t want to let anyone down. Hope you’re enjoying the game!