Post-release: Dating Sims (Engine Edition)

I wanted to make this post to talk about things I learned while making DatingSims. Making DatingSims was very much a learning process for us and we really wanted to use it to expand our own understanding of the full end-to-end process of making a game. For my part this was all about the backbone of the game. My background before creating this game was actually mostly in the java world although not java web development like most people but building modding platforms for the game Minecraft. Due to this a lot of my existing knowledge of how to build a program actually had to go out the window as what is a best practice for a lot of applications is often very bad for making games where you care a lot about memory footprint, layout and the overall performance of the game.
For DatingSims we decided not to use an existing engine or framework as its a simple game and it would defeat the goal of trying to learn. So everything to make the game run was written by me just for this project. With perhaps the obvious exception of using opengl for rendering and fmod for sounds.

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Post-release: Dating Sims (Design Edition)

What I’d Like to Remind Myself in the Future

So now that everything is out there, I thought I’d do a little write-up of big things that I learned during the making of this visual novel. My specific reminders are mainly about writing and design. I did the assets, and I am responsible for the looks, story, and game-play of DS:TVN. Deamon wants to do something similar to this, so we’ll have all the bases covered in terms of remembering past mistakes.

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